Ben Kapp (b. 1988, Tucson, AZ) is a composer and performer whose main interests lie in the exploration of unique and provocative musical experiences. His passion for music creation leads him in many directions: from orchestral, rock and pop musics, to experimental, unusual, and theatrical.

Ben has been a performer since the age of 4 where he would put on dance routines for the neighborhood. At 12 years of age he picked up a guitar and began performing for schoolmates. Then at 16 he began touring the country playing music in bands, performing in clubs, concert halls, houses, cafes, and parking lots, all over the continental United States, Europe and Northern Africa. He takes the art of performance seriously and whether it’s for cello or puppet theater, his work is engaging and exciting.

He has been a collaborator in many rock and pop bands, writing, performing, and recording numerous studio albums. He has composed original compositions for traditional chamber ensembles, electronic media, and non-traditional instruments of his own devising. He's written and acted in original theater pieces, performed to audiences gathered in concert halls or huddled living rooms. 

Ben received his Bachelor of Arts from The Evergreen State College in Olympia, Wa in 2013, where he studied composition and performance with composer Arun Chandra. He received a Masters in Music Composition from Michigan State University in 2017, where he studied with composer Mark Sullivan.